Fall 2022 Last Day to Withdraw from School/College to Receive "W" Grades | Graduate Schools: 20-SPAAA | 22-RBS (see program director) | 26-GS-N | 27- SCJ

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Online Withdrawal from College/School Form

Withdrawal from College /School requires notification to the Dean.
In addtion, information regarding Withdrawals from College and Refunds is available at: http://www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/withdrawals 

To contact your schools, please visit: https://myrun.newark.rutgers.edu/covid-academic-advisement

RBS Graduate Students, please review: https://sites.rutgers.edu/rbs-masters-calendar/calendars/

Law Students, please review: https://law.rutgers.edu/academic-affairs

Graduate - Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs & Administration, & The Graduate School
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Fall Semester