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Parking E-Permit

Students can register their vehicle under the Parking E-Permit System. Parking permissions are tracked based on license plates.  Below is information to help students who are enrolled at Rutgers-Newark. All Rutgers University students can learn detailed information by visiting Rutgers University Department of Parking & Transportation Services.

Student Permit  Price (After Tax) Parking Locations (Monday-Friday 6:00am - 2:00am | For Commuter Permits - No Overnight) Additional Parking Locations (Monday-Friday 3:30pm - Midnight | For Commuter Permits - No Overnight) Saturday & Sunday 6:00am - 2:00am | For Commuter Permits  (No Overnight) Commuter Permit Overnight Parking from Friday 6:00pm - Monday 8:00am
Newark Commuter Economy $90.00 New St. Lot | Norfolk** Deck (P1)

Deck 2Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506

Deck 2 | Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506 | New St. LotNorfolk Deck (P1)  
**Norfolk Deck Notice: If you are parking in the Norfolk deck, you will need an access card, which you can retrieve at 160 Bergen St. (Bergen/P2 deck). 

Please show proof of purchase (on phone or otherwise) to the cashier office located on the 1st floor and a card will be issued. Access cards are issued Monday thru Friday from 8am - 4pm.

Newark Commuter Premium $312.00

Deck 1Deck 2Eagle West Lot 509B

Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506New St. Lot

Deck 1Deck 2Eagle East Lot 509AEagle West Lot 509BEssex Lot 506 | New St. Lot 

110 Warren Street Lot 508

Newark Campus Resident Permit  $575.00

Deck 1Deck 2 (24-hour access)

Newark Off-Campus Living Permits $575.00

Deck 1Deck 2 (24-hour access)


Purchase Parking E-Permit 

Register a New Vehicle or License Plate 

Mass Transportation

We encourage the use of mass transit, especially since Rutgers University–Newark is only a few blocks from Newark Penn Station. You can also commute to campus via bus and light rail.

NJ Transit 25% Student Discount Pass

NJ Transit Online Resources
Train Schedule  Bus Schedule Light Rail Schedule Transit Alerts Mobile App

Visit myRUN commuter page for more information


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