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Find out what it takes to stay in good academic standing.

At Rutgers University-Newark, the various Colleges and Schools set up minimum standards for making satisfactory academic progress. These standards include maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) and earning passing grades in important courses, which help you meet the learning objectives of your programs and complete your degrees in a reasonable amount of time.

Different colleges and programs at Rutgers–Newark have different requirements for satisfactory academic progress, which is why you should be familiar with your college’s requirements for good academic standing. As long as you meet the standards of your program, you are considered in “good academic standing.”

If you do not make satisfactory academic progress, you may lose your good academic standing and be placed on academic probation. Academic probation gives you a set amount of time to bring your grades back up to minimum standards. If you cannot bring yourself back to good academic standing after a set period of time, then the university may suspend or even dismiss you.

For more information on academic standing, please see your academic advisor within your school/college:

If you should have any questions about academic standing, you should meet with your academic advisor. To set up an appointment with your academic advisor, please log into RU-N4Success.

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How can I learn more about academic standing and the policies for probation, suspension, and dismissal?
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To learn more about any issues around academic progress and academic standing, students should contact their school/college academic advising office.

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