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Learn about the many resources that can help to support your academic success.

Your academic support network begins with your academic advisor. Every student is assigned an academic advisor in their college upon enrollment. Your academic advisor is a professional who can help you from your very first day at RU–N until graduation. You may have additional advisors at the university, including advisors from your major academic department, your minor academic department, or a specialized program. If you participate in programs like the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), the Honors Living Learning Community (HLLC), or the Honors College, you will also have access to advisors in those programs. You should make an appointment to meet with your advisor any time you need help.

The university also provides tutoring services through the Learning Center and the Writing Center. These offices can assist you if you need help with a particular course, or if you want to improve more general skills like writing or test preparation.

Many other professionals at RU–N are ready and willing to help you. Some other offices that you might want to get in contact with include the following:

All these offices have dedicated professionals who are here to help you keep moving toward graduation.

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How do I make an appointment with my advisor or a professional in another office?
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You can set up an appointment with many of the support offices across campus through the RU–N4Success (R4S) platform by logging in with your Rutgers NetID and simply clicking on the “Get Advising” button. The platform will prompt you to choose what service you need and then offer you locations where you can get that kind of help. If you have any trouble getting what you need via the R4S platform, you can contact the office directly or reach out to your academic advisor.

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How do I know who my advisor is?
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You can contact your office of academic advising, depending on your school. You can find contact information in the following links:

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What if I can't access RU–N4Success (R4S)?
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If you have any trouble with access to R4S, please let your academic advisor know.

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