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Here are your options for driving or taking mass transit to Rutgers University–Newark.

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Summer 2024 Parking E-Permit Information

Students can register their vehicle under the Parking E-Permit System. Parking permissions are tracked based on license plates. Click on the black button below to learn about parking e-permit options for students enrolled at Rutgers-Newark for summer 2024.

Learn More about Summer 2024 Parking E-Permits

Spring 2024 Parking E-Permits

Students can register their vehicle under the Parking E-Permit System. Parking permissions are tracked based on license plates.  Below is information to help students who are enrolled at Rutgers-Newark. All Rutgers University students can learn detailed information by visiting Rutgers University Department of Parking & Transportation Services.

Student Permit


(After Tax)

Parking Locations (Monday-Friday 6:00am - 2:00am | For Commuter Permits - No Overnight) Additional Parking Locations (Monday-Friday 3:30pm - Midnight | For Commuter Permits - No Overnight) Saturday & Sunday 6:00am - 2:00am | For Commuter Permits  (No Overnight) Commuter Permit Overnight Parking from Monday-Friday 6:00pm-8:00am (next day)
Newark Commuter Economy $90.00 Norfolk** Deck (P1) | Deck 3

Deck 2 |  Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506

Deck 2 |  Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506 | Norfolk Deck (P1)  110 Warren Street Lot 508
**Norfolk Deck Notice: If you are parking in the Norfolk deck, you will need an access card, which you can retrieve at 160 Bergen St. (Bergen/P2 deck). 

Please show proof of purchase (on phone or otherwise) to the cashier office located on the 1st floor and a card will be issued. Access cards are issued Monday thru Friday from 8am - 4pm.

Newark Commuter Premium $312.00

Deck 1Deck 2 | Deck 3Eagle West Lot 509B

Eagle East Lot 509AEssex Lot 506

Deck 1Deck 2Eagle East Lot 509AEagle West Lot 509BEssex Lot 506

110 Warren Street Lot 508

Newark Campus Resident Permit  $575.00

Deck 1Deck 2 | Deck 3 (24-hour access)

Newark Off-Campus Living Permits $575.00

Deck 1Deck 2 | Deck 3 (24-hour access)


Purchase Parking E-Permit 

Register a New Vehicle or License Plate 


Note: You must have a valid parking permit to be able to park in these lots.

Location Street Address | Map URL
110 Warren Street Lot

Next to 110 Warren Street  | Map URL

Deck 1 200 University Avenue  |  Map URL
Deck 2 166 Washington Street  |  Map URL
Deck 3 180 Washington Street | Map URL

Eagle East​ Lot 509A

Corner of [East Side] Eagle Street and Orange Street (closest lot to the business school)  |  Map URL
Eagle West Lot 509B  10 Burnett Street (Corner Orange St.)   |  Map URL
Essex Lot 506

Essex Street (Behind 1WP building)  |  Map URL

Norfolk Deck (P1) 255 Norfolk Street  |  Map URL


RBHS Parking 

Please click here for more

For any questions or concerns visit Parking& Transportation Services or email

Need Help Getting Around Campus?

View the Online Campus Map


Get real-time updates and actual bus arrival information, using the app, your cell phone, or your computer browser. 

Download PassioGO app for Rutgers Buses

Need Help with Parking & Information

For all DOTS related information, please visit the Department of Parking & Transportations services by visiting

Mass Transportation

We encourage the use of mass transit, especially since Rutgers University–Newark is only a few blocks from Newark Penn Station. You can also commute to campus via bus and light rail. 

NJ Transit Resources


NJ Transit 25% Student Discount Pass

New Access Link App!

NJ Transit's ADA paratransit program known as Access Link was established to provide public transportation to people with disabilities who are unable to use the local bus service according to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). You may ride with Access Link or any other NJ TRANSIT mode for some or all of your transportation needs.

Click here for more details and to download Access Link App

PATH (Port Authority of NY & NJ) Resources

Meter Parking

ParkMobile is a payment system for on-street meters in most areas in Newark. This system allows users to pay for their metered parking from their cell phone or smartphone via the mobile app

Download ParkMobile for the City of Newark

How to Pay with ParkMobile

Student Commuter Reward Program

The Student Commuter Rewards Program is a green initiative that promotes Rutgers University–Newark and Camden students to using mass transportation to get to and from classes. By submitting monthly transit receipts, students can receive up to $50 in gift card rewards monthly at kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store or Barnes & Noble (Newark only). The program is an alternative solution to the limited amount of parking available on the Rutgers–Camden, and Newark campuses.

More on Commuter Reward Program

You may receive citations for parking in non-approved locations. The new virtual parking pass system is paperless; communications about parking violations will now be sent via email. 

Pay Parking Citation Online

Have more questions about the new parking e-permit system? 

Will I get a hangtag or sticker?
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You will not be receiving a hang tag or sticker. Vehicles are identified by license plate number.  

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Can I add multiple vehicles to my parking permission?
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Yes, you can add multiple vehicles to your permission. However, only one vehicle can be on campus at a time. 

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I just purchased a new vehicle with temporary tags. Do I need to register it?
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Yes; please register all vehicles as soon as you purchase them. Once the permanent plates are received, revisit the portal and enter your new plates. Make sure your license plate is entered correctly; one letter or number off will result in e-citations.  

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I see a lot of reserved spaces available, am I able to park there?
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No. Reserved spaces are designated for specific individuals within the university. 

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I received an e-citation and I do not believe I deserved it. How can I dispute it?
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You may log-on to your parking portal and appeal the e-citation. Please give time for a response. You will be notified of decision via email.

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I have a rental vehicle for the week, what do I do about parking?
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  • You must go to the portal and register the license plate with the university before parking the rental vehicle in any of the lots.  
  • It is important to register your license plate correctly; one letter or number off will result in e-citations.
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Do I need to purchase permission to park if I only plan to park on campus at night and on the weekends?
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  • Yes. Any vehicle parking on university property must purchase permission to park.  
  • Night only permission is available for students on some campuses. 
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Can I pay for my parking permission with financial aid?
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No, we do not bill financial aid for your parking. 

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Can you add my parking to my term bill?
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No, we are not able to add any parking fees to your term bill. 

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I am living off campus, but do not have a place to park my vehicle. Am I eligible for a resident parking permission?
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  • No. Only students who live in a Rutgers residence building are allowed to purchase a resident parking permission.
  • Please visit your city’s Parking Authority to find options for street parking near your off-campus home.  
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I paid my e-citation online. When will the hold be removed from my account?
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Holds are automatically removed within 48 business hours of the payment.  

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I am a student bringing my vehicle on campus only for a day or a few days. Can I purchase daily parking permission?
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  • Students can purchase limited number of parking permissions for $5.00 (plus tax) a day for a maximum of 5 consecutive days.
  • You cannot exceed more than 3 permissions a semester.  
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How can I purchase parking permission for my guest who is visiting me?

Key Contacts

Department of Transportation Services

Department of Transportation Services

Contact the Parking Office by submitting an issue via

The Parking Office will need approximately 5-7 business days to provide an answer or resolution.