Withdrawing From College

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Should you need to leave the university after the beginning of the semester, the information provided below will help you navigate the withdrawal process and connect you to the appropriate offices.


Life may present you with challenges and you may need to withdraw from college during a semester. Below, you will find the steps to take to begin the withdraw process. Before you begin the withdraw process, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your academic advisor(s). Your academic advisor along with other campus partners may be able to assist you with addressing the issues you may be facing. Withdrawing from courses during the semester may impact you in the a many of the following ways: academic progress, financial aid status, student accounting balance, eligibility for athletic competitions, housing & dining status, visa status and others. It is vital that you fully understand the impact moving to withdrawing from a semester.

Fall and Spring Semesters

You will need to complete and submit the Online Withdrawal Form. You can use the online form during the first nine weeks of the fall and spring semester.

Once the form is completed and submitted, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Academic Advising, Office of Financial and Student Accounting will be notified. If you are in university housing, have a meal plan, and/or part of special population that includes EOF, HLLC, International Students and/or Athletics, those offices will also be notified of your intent to withdraw for the semester. A member of the offices listed above may reach out to you to discuss the implications of withdrawing during the semester. 

Your withdraw will be official within five (5) days after you submit the online withdraw form.  The fall and spring withdraw form will be not be accessible after the published last date for withdraw for the given semester.  If you should wish to withdraw after the published date for the semester, you will need to speak directly with your advising office. You can find the published last date to withdraw for the semester on the Office of the Registrar site.

Submit an Online Withdrawal Form

Summer/Winter Sessions

Summer/Winter sessions operate a little differently than fall and/or spring semesters. If you wish to withdraw for summer/winter sessions, you will need to visit the summer/winter session website and find the details under “withdrawals” section on the “policies & procedures” page.

Summer Session Withdrawal

Winter Session Withdrawal


If you leave the university without getting all required signatures and without submitting the Online Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office, you will receive a failing grade in each course for which you are registered in that semester.

If you officially withdraw from your college or school before the end of the ninth week of the semester, you will receive grades of “W” for all courses. If you leave your college or school during the final four weeks of the semester, you will receive grades of "F" in all courses.

Financial Aid

Withdrawing from the university may impact your financial aid status.

Once classes begin and financial aid has been applied to your account, you must complete more than 60 percent of the semester or you may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid disbursed to you for the semester.

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Refunds on Tuition & Fees

You are not eligible for any refund of tuition unless the Online Withdrawal Form is submitted to the Registrar's Office with all required signatures within the first six weeks of the semester.

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Housing and Dining

Before any reductions in room and board charges can be processed, you must first apply to return your room key (with the housing office).


If, after a leave of absence from the university, you want to re-enroll, you will need to follow the proper process for re-enrollment.

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How to Contact Your Academic Advising Office

If you should have any questions about withdrawing from school, you should meet with your academic advisor. Students can access their advisor through the Navigate Student App

  • Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
  • Rutgers Business School
  • School of Arts & Sciences Newark
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • School of Public Affairs & Administration

More on Academic Avising Offices

Other Key Contacts

For More on the University Withdrawal Process

Still Have Questions?

Why do I have to follow this process, and get all these signatures, just to leave the university?
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As a student, you are part of a university community. The university has responsibilities for its students, and you have responsibilities to the university. By getting the proper signatures, you document that you have notified key offices of your intention not to return to the university. This helps the academic and administrative units to properly manage their work processes. It is difficult to manage the needs of our community if we don’t know which students are going to show up.

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What happens if I leave the university without following the proper procedure?
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If you don’t follow the proper procedure for withdrawal, you will be assigned a grade of “F” for each course that you are enrolled in for that semester. This will bring down your GPA and can really hurt your chances of being able to re-enroll at Rutgers or of being accepted into any other college or university.

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Will I get a refund when I withdraw from the university?
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If you submit the properly signed withdrawal form within the first six weeks of the semester, you may be eligible to receive a refund. The actual refund that you receive is based on exactly which week you withdraw in, and on what your account balance is with the university. You can get detailed information about refunds on tuition and fees here.

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