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Get help to succeed in your math, science, business, and technology courses.

Whether you’re struggling with a tough class, or want to increase your understanding in a subject that you really love, the Learning Center has resources to help you realize your full potential for academic success.

Tutoring Services

The Learning Center provides tutoring services for a range of subjects in either small groups or one-on-one. Our tutors are successful undergraduates who are trained to clarify important concepts with the understanding that everyone can learn and improve given sufficient time, attention, and encouragement.

To properly benefit from tutoring, we require you to come prepared to engage in your tutoring sessions as an active participant, having attended class, read your textbook, taken and reviewed your notes, and attempted your assignments.

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Workshops and Coaching

The Learning Center also hosts a series of workshops on a range of success topics each semester and provides academic coaching sessions where a learning specialist helps you identify your areas for improvement and select from a range of possible solutions. Then the specialist provides feedback over time until your performance improves.

Still have questions about the Learning Center?

Do I have to pay for tutoring?
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No. The services of the Learning Center are available to all RU–N students at no additional charge.

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Can I get tutoring in any subject?
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Though we can’t guarantee coverage of every course, we do our best to meet the needs of all students. Please contact the Learning Center to see what subjects and courses are covered this semester. 

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How can I become a tutor?
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The Learning Center employs many RU–N students. If you’re interested in working with us, please visit the employment page of the Learning Center website for full information.

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Key Contacts

Altyman Brown

Director, The Learning Center

Contact Altyman Brown directly for information regarding the Learning Center. 

Learning Center

(973) 353-5608
110 Warren StreetRoom 140
Newark NJ07102

Please contact the Learning Center for tutoring information and other resources offered.