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Find out what a warning grade means and why you should take it seriously.

Before the ninth week of instruction for the fall and spring semesters, warning grade notices are sent electronically to students if their performance in a course or courses has been less than satisfactory. If you receive a warning grade, you should immediately contact your instructor(s) and your academic adviser to discuss what to do next.

A warning grade serves two purposes:

  • First, it gives you important mid-semester feedback about how you are doing in your classes.
  • Second, it gives faculty the opportunity to identify students who may be in need of academic help while there is still time to provide it, which gives you the chance to take action and improve your grade.

Take warning grades seriously. You may receive one for several reasons:

  • Poor attendance
  • Failure to submit assignments on time
  • Inadequate preparation for the level of coursework expected
  • An inability to demonstrate a reasonable grasp of the subject matter

Warning grades are indicated by the following symbols:

  • W0: Student is making satisfactory progress
  • W1: Warning for poor academic performance
  • W2: Warning for poor course attendance
  • W3: Warning for both poor attendance and academic performance

A warning is not a final determination of your grade. With proper advice and sufficient effort, you may be able to bring your performance back to an acceptable level. Keep in mind that, if you don't get a warning grade, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed to pass at the end of the semester.

Note: The Warning Grade code (W#) does not appear anywhere on your transcript.

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How do I receive a warning grade notice?
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You will receive the notice via the same email address you gave with your personal information. Always make sure to keep your email updated using the Rutgers Central Authentication Service.

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