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Participate in Rutgers University–Newark's distinguished educational opportunities during the Summer and Winter terms.

Take advantage of smaller class sizes, convenient location, and flexible course schedules. Summer & Winter Sessions offer a variety of remote or online classes. Find the course that best fits your schedule.

Did you get closed out of a course this Spring? Do you need to fulfill a prerequisite? Do you want to reduce your Fall 2023 semester course load?

Whether you are a Rutgers student, visiting student from another institution, a transfer student, or a lifelong learner, you can experience summer courses at Rutgers University-Newark. 

Take advantage of Rutgers' academic reputation, small class sizes, and convenient locations. 

With online courses, you can find a class that best fits your schedule and helps you reach your academic goals.

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Summer Session 2023 Dates:

  • Session I - May 30, 2023 to July 6, 2023
  • Session II - July 10, 2023 to August 16, 2023
  • 12-Week Session - May 30, 2023 to August 16, 2023

University Closures for Summer Session: 

  • Friday, June 16, 2023 in observance of Emancipation Day (Juneteenth)
  • Tuesday, July 4, 2023 in observance of Independence Day
  • University offices will be closed. Courses may have directed readings, online and/or web-enhanced coursework during this time.  Please consult the course syllabus for specific assignments.  Important dates and deadlines for Summer Session, registration instructions, and course offerings can be found on our website:

Summer and winter session courses are open to:

  • Current and past Rutgers University students
  • Visiting students from other colleges and universities
  • Transfer students
  • High school summer edge students
  • Adults interested in personal enrichment, professional development, or degree completion opportunities

Attending a summer or winter session course offers you the ideal opportunity to:

  • Accelerate time to graduation
  • Explore a subject of interest
  • Reduce course work during the next semester
  • Earn credits in a short amount of time
  • Improve GPA

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Registration is open.

How to Register? 

Current Rutgers Students

Register online via WebReg or by contacting the Office of the Registrar through the myRUN Supportal.

Current Rutgers students should consult with their academic advisor about what courses might make sense to achieve their academic goals. To set up an appointment, please log into the Navigate-Student app.

Visiting (Non-Rutgers) Students

Visiting students that want to experience a Rutgers summer or winter session must complete the Visiting Student Registration Form (VSRF) in the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal. If you are new to Rutgers, please Click Get Started to create an account within the portal. Once your account is created, please complete and submit the Summer Session 2023 Visiting Student Registration Form. In 2-3 business days, students will receive an email with registration instructions. 

Transfer students admitted for Fall 2022 must submit a Visiting Student Registration Form (VSRF) through the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal to register for Summer Session 2023. If you already have an RUID, please enter the number in the form. 

High School Summer Edge Students

Academically qualified high school students submit a Summer Edge Application in the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal. Students should first create an account within the portal. Once an account is created, please complete and submit the Summer Edge Application. Please upload a copy of your high school transcript and a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, instructor, advisor, or faculty member.

Application Portal



To be eligible for financial aid in the summer, a FAFSA must be completed for the prior academic year. Some graduate students will also need to submit a FAFSA for the upcoming academic year. Students must also be matriculated (seeking a degree) and cannot be conditionally readmitted.

Students applying for summer aid will be held to the standards of the academic progress policy. Your summer aid is contingent upon meeting satisfactory academic progress (SAP), or the requirements of your academic plan, if applicable. Academic progress will be measured after spring grades are posted. If you fail to meet academic progress or the requirements of your plan, your summer aid will be canceled.

Learn More About Summer Session Financial Aid 

Still have questions about Summer & Winter sessions?

Can I attend a summer or winter session class at Rutgers University–Newark?
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Currently enrolled students or visiting students can attend classes during the summer and winter sessions. Current Rutgers students can register via WebReg. Visiting students must first submit a Visiting Student Registration Form (VSRF) in the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal to begin the process that will grant you visiting student access to Rutgers registration systems. 

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Can I use the Rutgers Online Web Registration System (WEBREG) if I am a visiting student?
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Yes, Summer Session at RU-N is open to all. Current Rutgers students can register for classes online using WebReg. If you are a visiting student, please submit a Visiting Student Registration Form (VSRF) through the Summer & Winter Sessions application Portal to begin the process that will grant you visiting student access to Rutgers registration systems.

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How do I register for a class after the session started?
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Students who have not completed registration by the dates specified in the Summer Session Registration Calendar may complete a Late Registration Form located in Summer & Winter Session’s Application Portal. Registration is contingent upon instructor approval. The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions will request that approval on your behalf. All status updates and messaging regarding your Late Registration request will be communicated through the Application Portal. If a late registration request is approved, students must pay their term bill immediately.

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Can high school students take summer or winter session classes?
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Summer and winter sessions are open to high school students completing 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. Please create an account with the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal. After you sign up, complete and submit the Summer Edge Application. Please upload a copy of your high school transcript and letter of recommendation. 

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I am a Rutgers student at Camden or New Brunswick. Will the credits for classes I take in Newark transfer to my campus?
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Please contact the dean or the director of your program to determine whether the credits are transferable. 

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How many credits can I register for during the summer or winter sessions?
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You are permitted to take up to 14 credits during the Summer Session.  Click here to view the maximum credit load information for Winter Session. 

Visiting (non-Rutgers) student credit overload requests must be submitted to the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions.

If you are a Rutgers student, credit overload requests must be submitted to a representative in your home school. Please contact your academic advisor in the following schools: Rutgers Business SchoolSchool of Arts & SciencesSchool of Public Affairs and Administration, and Criminal Justice.

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If I am not a Rutgers University student, do I need to supply transcripts or test scores to attend summer session?
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No. Transcripts and/or test scores are not required. Excludes high school students.

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I am a student at another college, are there special arrangements I should make to attend in the summer or winter?
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Before registration, it is your responsibility to confirm the transferability of the specific Rutgers University credits with the appropriate official of your home college or university, or to the college or university for which you intend to apply. Rutgers University is not responsible for the number or nature of credit(s) allowed by another institution for any courses taken during the summer and winter sessions. Brief course descriptions are available on the summer and winter sessions websites. If more detailed course information is required by your home institution, please contact the appropriate Rutgers academic department. You can find department contact information at

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May I change courses once a session begins?
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In the Summer Session, a change of course period happens the first week of each session. You may only change courses within the same session. View all Summer Session deadlines

In the Winter Session, there is no add/drop period. You must change courses before the start of winter session. View all Winter Session deadlines.


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I am a visiting (non-Rutgers) student. Am I required to pay the Summer & Winter Sessions students fee?
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Yes, all students attending Rutgers University Summer & Winter Sessions are required to pay the student fee.

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How do I withdraw from a course?
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Throughout the session, a variety of circumstances may lead a student to consider whether they should remain registered in a course. Once registered and after the start of the session, if you decide not to remain registered you may withdraw via WebReg or by submitting a withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar here  If you withdraw you will receive a W grade and either a 50% refund or no refund. Visit the Summer Session Registration Calendar to view the withdrawal dates and deadlines.

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How do I submit an appeal?
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 Appeals must be formally submitted through the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal within 4 months of the last day of the session. First-time users must create an account and then select Appeal Form which can be found under Available Applications. Students are strongly encouraged to submit supporting documentation. For more information regarding appeals, please visit our Appeal Policy.

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How do I get my grades at the end of the session?
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Once your grade(s) have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar, you will be able to access them by requesting an unofficial transcript. Use your NetID and password to request.

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Where can I get my class syllabus?
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Please visit the Course Catalog on the summer and winter session websites for course descriptions and syllabi. If a link is not provided in the Course Catalog, contact the academic department offering the course for a copy of the syllabus.

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Can I audit a course?
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Only non-Rutgers students may audit summer and winter session courses. You must select the audit option at the time of registration. Standard tuition fees apply. You are expected to complete all course work, except the final exam, and you will be assigned a grade of S or U. The course and grade will appear on your transcript.

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