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Rutgers University–Newark is committed to making education affordable. Financial aid can consist of a variety of funds in the form of grants, loans, and possible scholarships. For the 2023-2024 academic year, you should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before December 1 if you are an incoming student. If you are a continuing student, you should file before January 15. Filing by these deadlines will help maximize your financial aid eligibility. 

In an effort to help you best understand how to apply for financial aid, the university has created tutorial videos on how to go about applying for financial aid; how to file a FASFA; how to go about understanding student loans; and how to deal with student loan issues.

File the FAFSA using our federal school code: 002629

File the NJ State Alternative Financial Aid Application

these deadlines will help maximize your financial aid eligibility. Accessing Your Award Letter

Make sure to activate your netID. If you should have issues with your netID, please contact the Rutgers-Newark OIT Help Desk by calling (833) OIT-HELP or emailing 

Step by step guide on logging into myRutgers to view financial aid award letter

View your financial aid award letter with tutorial video (located at the bottom of the site)

Understanding your offer letter with tutorial video (located at the button of the site)

Managing Required Documents

View tutorial video (located under video tutorial tab on botton of site)

Step-by-step guide on how to upload your required document(s) 

Granting Access to Authorized Users

The myGuest Dashboard provides authorized users such as parents, guardians, and third parties with the ability to view student information online. Students must grant authorization to guests and choose which information they will be able to view. Please note: A guest will only be able to view financial aid information if the student granted them access to do so. In addition, students must choose the Custodial permission level when granting access if authorized users need to submit requested documentation.

Step by step for granting access to authorized users

Step by step for Authorized users



RU–N to the TOP

In 2016, the university established the Rutgers University–Newark Talent and Opportunity Pathways financial aid program, (RU-N to the TOP), for newly enrolled undergraduate students. The university expanded its reach of the RU-N to the TOP program for students who are newly admitted for fall 2022.  The expanded program continues to solidify our strategic plan and commitments to boundary-crossing scholarship, diverse talent cultivation, and engagement as an anchor institution. The RU-N to the TOP program enables us to build upon these commitments and recruit the most outstanding students from across the state of New Jersey.

The RU-N to the TOP program provides a “last-dollar” financial aid scholarship that covers the cost of in-state tuition and mandatory fees. The scholarship is offered after all federal, state, institutional, internal/external scholarships and grants have been applied. Students must meet the program’s eligibility and income requirements.  There is no separate application that is required for this scholarship.

Newly admitted students for fall 2022 and beyond will automatically be considered with the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) or the NJ Alternative Application if you are a NJ Dreamer. Students who are unable to complete the required financial aid form due to ineligibility will need to complete a paper FAFSA and submit supporting income document to validate their AGI.

Garden State Guarantee                           Garden State Guarantee Logo

The Garden State Guarantee (GSG) is New Jersey’s promise to make a college degree more accessible and affordable. By reducing out-of-pocket costs for students and families, New Jersey is limiting the amount of debt that residents must borrow to attend an in-state, public college or university. This program further builds on Governor Phil Murphy’s commitment to improving college affordability.

You will automatically be considered for the GSG when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA) or, if you qualify as a NJ Dreamer, the NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application (NJAFAA), by the posted state deadlines. Please use school code 002629 for Rutgers University.

You can learn details by visiting the "At a Glance" site.

Garden State Gurantee (GSG) Fact Sheet

Federal Student Aid Relief Programs

One-Time Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

This one-time debt relief is provided by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) as part of the Biden-Harris Administration student debt relief plan. Learn more about the Federal Student Loan Debt Relief program via the site. Deadline for submission of the application is December 31, 2022.

Apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

Public Services Loan Forgiveness

The “limited PSLF waiver” refers to the time-limited changes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program rules that allow borrowers to receive credit for past periods of repayment that would otherwise not qualify for PSLF. This opportunity ends on Oct. 31, 2022.

Note: If you are new to PSLF and want some background about the program, please visit our PSLF information page.

Still have questions about funding your education?

What forms do I need to complete to be eligible for financial aid?
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You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The school code for Rutgers is 002629.

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How long will it take for Rutgers University to receive my FAFSA?
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The Office of Financial Aid generally receives your FAFSA within seven business days from the time you complete the application.

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I was selected for verification, and I've submitted all my paperwork. How long will it take to complete my file?
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The Office of Financial Aid generally takes 10 to 14 business days to process all documents from the time received. However, keep in mind that the time frame to process documents can be extended during peak processing time.

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Do I need to complete a separate application for a Graduate or Parent PLUS Loan?
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Yes. To apply for a PLUS loan, visit Make sure to log in with the appropriate FSA ID.

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Do I need to complete a separate application for federal direct loans?
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The only application needed for federal direct loans is the FAFSA.

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How often do I apply for financial aid?
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The FAFSA is valid for one academic year, so you need to apply for the FAFSA every year by the university priority deadline.

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Is there a deadline to apply for financial aid?
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If you are an incoming student, you should file the FAFSA before December 1. If you are a continuing student, you should file before January 15. Applying after these deadlines might make you ineligible for certain federal and institutional funds.

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What is the maximum family income cutoff for financial aid?
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There is no specific cutoff, as every situation is different.

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Do I have to be admitted to Rutgers before applying for financial aid?
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To maximize your financial aid eligibility, we recommend that you apply for financial aid before you know your admission status. However, you must be admitted to a regular degree program at Rutgers University to receive any form of financial aid.

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What happens if there's a change in my family's income from last year?
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If your income has changed from last year, please file a Change in Family Circumstances Form (CIFC).

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Can part-time students still receive financial aid?
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Yes. However, you must be enrolled at least half-time in your program to be considered for federal direct loans. The New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) and some scholarships require you to be enrolled full-time.

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Is financial aid available for summer sessions?
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Yes. However, it is contingent on your academic year eligibility and limited university funding. The Summer Aid Application generally becomes available on April 1.

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Is financial aid available for study abroad programs?
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Please contact the Rutgers Center for Global Education to learn more about financial aid available for study abroad students.

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What will happen to my financial aid offer if I drop a course or withdraw from the university?
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If your tuition is adjusted because you drop a course, it may be necessary to reduce your financial aid. If you completely withdraw from the university during the first 60 percent of the term, your financial aid eligibility must be recalculated. Dropping courses and withdrawing are academic actions that might have serious financial implications, and they may affect your future aid eligibility because of failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Contact your regional office to speak with a financial aid representative for more information.

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I have prior educational loans that need to be deferred. Who processes my forms?
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The registrar of your respective school processes deferment forms.

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