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Rutgers University-Newark’s Office of Global Initiatives and Experiential Learning offers experiential learning and travel opportunities to students with themes surrounding sustainability, community engagement, leadership, and more. Program opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate students. For more information visit their webpage,

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Domestic Travel

Kroka Expeditions & RU Global Initiatives Partnership Programs:

Cultures of the North: Exploring Indigenous Communities and Cultures

Mahoosuc Mountains, ME

This winter expedition begins in Newry, Maine at Mahoosuc Guide Service. Our first night will be spent in a beautiful lodge where we will begin preparations for our journey: our three-day all-mush dog sledding trip will allow us to stop at a different camp every night. We allow time to snowshoe and cross-country ski from our camps. We will study winter writing and poetry by both Indigenous and European authors, comparing cultural attitudes towards the season.

Sustainable Living Intensive Course

Marlow, NH

This two week intensive course will submerge students in what true sustainability is like. Activities including rock climbing, hiking, camping, and river expeditions. Topics covered will include permaculture, sustainable food systems, watershed ecology, water rights,  wilderness ethics & human uses of the environment.

The Lost Coast: Climate Resilience and Adaptation

Northern California

The property where our journey begins was destroyed by wildfires in 2017, burning much of the farm infrastructure and personal homes. Along with this devastation however has come incredible resilience and new growth within the community and landscape alike. Here, we will do service work and prepare for our expedition. Our trip will explore the wild and scenic lower Eel River that winds its way towards the ocean through coastal prairie, oak woodlands, and redwood forest.

Rock and River: Geology Expedition

Marlow, NH & Green Mountains of VT

Journey by foot and canoe through the forested landscape of New Hampshire and Vermont. We will experience sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous geological phenomena and its effect on patterns of human settlement, organization of society and even the political and social orientation of different states. We will learn about patterns of colonization, history and legacy of natural resource extraction in the region. As we examine many nuances of the past we will begin to imagine the sustainable future of humans living in balance with nature.

Gulf Coast Sea Kayaking: Ecology and Conservation

Everglades National Park, Florida

As our tandem sea kayaks slice through warm turquoise waters of the Florida coast we will paddle and sail, watch manatees and pelicans from our boats, and camp on sandy beaches. We will study tropical ecology and wildlands conservation issues, practice sea kayak skills, marine navigation and sailing. Gazing across the gulf we may catch an evening glow from Havana, Cuba, as we study the rich and tragic history of US relationships with our brave island neighbors.

Winter Wilderness Expedition

Marlow, NH & Green Mountains of VT

We invite you to step into the winter and travel by snowshoe through the enchanted forest and over frozen lakes following tracks of moose, fox and coyote. Deep in the winter wilderness we will set up our camp, a large canvas tent with a crackling wood stove and a balsam fir floor. We will study winter ecology, cold adaptations and rich folklore of the people who thrived in the winter eight months of the year for thousands of years!

Legends of The Rio Grande: Texas Borderlands Expedition

Rio Grande, Texas

Each day is spent on the river paddling its fast-moving water, soaking in natural hot springs, and exploring fascinating canyons. The focus of study will be on the history and legacy of colonization in the region that we now know as the border between the US and Mexico. Students will learn about the indigenous people who lived on the shores of the Rio Grande before the arrival of European settlers and who still reside in the area today. They will study edible and medicinal plants and learn to sustain life in the desert, receiving some of the wisdom of these indigenous groups. Students will also wrestle with the complexity on either side of the river and the tensions that run deep along the border.

Hurricane Relief and Community Resilience Project: Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has been forgotten. Camera crews and journalists are no longer in sight and efforts to help have weakened. Still, groups of people from around the world remain hopeful and are making an impact. In collaboration with Newark's Public School students, the International Leadership Exchange Global Scholars come together with rural communities to create sustainable change.


International Travel

International Leadership Exchange - Global Scholars Program

Community Engaged Learning


India allows students to critically examine the inner workings of a unique group of urban public organizations striving for social change. Participants have an opportunity to engage non-profit leaders, stakeholders, and members of the communities they serve. One of the primary goals of this initiative is to explore various forms of grassroots community leadership within India with the intent of understanding how communities can effectively create programs that address their needs.

Community Engaged Leadership

Tanzania and Zanzibar

The field study to Tanzania and Zanzibar, introduces participants to the complexity of creating community change in culturally dynamic environments. A partnership with Zanzibar University, the Ministry of Education-Korona School District and our nonprofit colleagues in Arusha and Maasailand, this program prepares and challenges participants to cross boundaries of difference as global-minded social change agents.

Sustainability and Permaculture


This interdisciplinary course will draw from earth sciences as we study permaculture, sustainable food production, hydrological cycle, weather patterns as well as flora and fauna of the landscapes we travel through. Additionally, the course will involve political geography and regional environmental history overview. During this 21-day experiential field course a group of Rutgers University students will join in the life of three intentional communities: Kroka farm and village in New Hampshire, Palugo farm and San-Clemente village in Ecuador. Through living into the daily rhythm, participation in service projects, dialog with leaders and experts and seminar discussions students will develop appreciation for the power of intentional grass roots effort and vision for the future where each human being will take their honored place in the circle of community. While living and working side-by-side with fellow group members students will develop their own community by practicing putting the needs of others before those of their own and recognizing the gifts each one of them brings to the course.


Rutgers University - Newark Faculty Led Travel Programs

Legal Field Study


A two-credit seminar aimed to explore the historical development of Cuba's legal system. Students will be exposed to civil law, which is the basis of Cuba's present legal system. We will examine the evolution of the Cuban constitution and its role in addressing changes in Cuban Society. In 1960 the United States imposed an embargo against Cuba. This embargo, which the Cuban government insisted was a blockade, severely restricts commercial, economic, and financial contact, by persons and entities subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, with Cuba. After 50 years of imposing an embargo which sought to topple the regime, in December 2014 President Obama ordered the restoration of full diplomatic relations and the opening of an embassy in Havana.

International Public Interest

Dominican Republic

An eight-day intensive program in the Dominican Republic partners Rutgers Law School, Rutgers School of Physical Therapy and SPAA with Cambiando Vidas, an established 501(c)(3). Students will spend the mornings each day building the home and mingling with the community, and the afternoons and evenings in an intensive course in Non-Profit Corporations/Tax-Exempt Organizations. The course can be used to satisfy the law school skills requirement for graduation.

Tropical Field Biology


A two-week hands-on course for Biology majors interested in biodiversity. Students spend one week on the fields of Baja, Mexico and another at Rutgers-Newark. In partnership with Islands & Seas, students gain first-hand field experience. This course satisfies a biology lab requirement.



The Guyana program is a collaborative effort between the Ware (entomology) Labs at Rutgers University-Newark and includes researchers and students from the University of Guyana (UG) and the University of Southern Missouri with whom we have published papers on the survey results. To date, the program ran in August 2011, January 2012, July 2012, January 2013, January 2016, and July 2017. On each trip, participants work with University of Guyana undergraduate students, Amerindian guides/researchers, and Rutgers undergraduate & graduate students and postdocs. We have collected in the Mediwini, Mahaica, Karanambu, and Iwokrama regions of Guyana, using aerial netting, pitfall traps, burlese funnels, tree-climbing, malaise traps and mist-netting.

Rutgers University Archaeological Field School


In operation since 2012, is a Rutgers Study Abroad summer program that teaches undergraduate and graduate students archaeological field skills and methods. Among these are: excavation techniques; site recording and management skills; the handling, processing and preserving of site materials, such as mosaics, painted wall plaster, pottery, human remains and other small finds. Student participants will acquire this training by doing these things on site in Italy under the supervision of academic and professional field specialists.

Civic Dialogue, Democracy, and the Arts


A hands-on course for those engaged or interested in the arts as well as those with leadership ambitions who want to better understand the power of the arts as a tool for social good. Based in Warsaw and northeastern Poland, this is an intense two-week international course in which students work with faculty at Warsaw University and workshop leaders at the polish ngo, the borderland foundation, learning and exploring how the art and media-centered reporting can be used to engage local communities to generate positive change at a local, municipal and even national level.

Public Administration

South Korea

This 3-credit graduate-level course immerses students in the inner workings of the City of Seoul, Korea - one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Participants will attend interactive lectures (Simultaneously translated into English) from senior level Seoul government officials, participate in field trips of government locations, and have ample time for sightseeing and learning about the culture of Korea throughout the stay. All lodging and meals expenses are funded by the city of Seoul; Students pay the regular Rutgers course tuition fee plus the cost of their plane tickets.


Rutgers Global Study Aborad

Various Programs (Semester +)

The Rutgers Global (New Brunswick) , Study Abroad program expands students’ global education through our 180 study abroad and service-learning abroad programs. With scholarship offerings and opportunities in every world region regardless of major, study abroad is an option for every Rutgers student, not just a select few.

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Third Party Travel Opportunities 

Peace Boat

Peace Education and the SDGS in Latin America 

Travel in Central America and Mexico with the Peace Boat and learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development in an experiential study program on Peace Boat’s 98th Voyage visiting Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The Peace Boat is an intensive shipboard peace and sustainability studies program providing participants with the insight and skills necessary to be change agents in the areas of education, activism, and peace-building activities community engaged lens.

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Peace Corps

Various Programs

The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for motivated changemakers to immerse themselves in a community abroad, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation.

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Travel Funding Resources


The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs. A candidate will submit a Statement of Grant Purpose defining activities to take place during one academic year in a participating country outside the U.S. Undergraduate students interested in applying for a Fulbright award should make an appointment with Brian Murphy (, Director of the Honors College. Graduate students interested in applying for a Fulbright award should make an appointment with Kinna Perry (, Associate Dean of the Graduate School-Newark.

Rutgers Global Scholarships

Rutgers Global (New Brunswick) offers scholarships for students who are researching ways to reduce their travel expenses. In addition to searching for funding for study abroad and international education programs, students may want to consider searching for funding sources that base awards on such factors as financial need, merit, the location of study, ethnicity, the field of study, volunteer work, and more. The Rutgers Global team has advisors who can advise applicants through the process.

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