Resources for students with children

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Understanding that our students who are parents may be in need of tools to assist their children's at-home learning experience, we have compiled a list of resources below:

Smile & Learn: Educational activities and video games for kids 3 to 12 years old. You can get free 30 days trial
20 Homeschooling Websites and Learning ResourcesFrom free lessons to educational videos, experiments, games, and activities, these 20 sites provide some resources for any family interested in teaching kids at home
How to Homeschool for FreeFree Homeschooling Resources
Learn with Smithsonian (for kids)Activities and visits for kids at the Smithsonian
Free Online museum visitsFree online access to worldwide museum galleries and collections
25 Virtual Field Trips for Kids—Spring 2020Field trip out of the question? Think again. Thanks to technology, it’s now possible for kids to visit all kinds of places from the comfort of their classroom (or home!). We’ve compiled a list of the best virtual field trips for you, so enjoy your “visit”!
12 World-Class Museums You Can Visit Online12 Free online official museum tours
Google Arts & Culture collectionGoogle collection of arts and culture including onsite virtual tours
Online Visit 48 World-Famous SitesMuseums; Aquariums, Zoos and Gardens; International Landmarks; Theater, Film, Symphonies and Operas
Above Information gathered by Professor Arturo E. Osorio, Rutgers Business School 

COVID-19 Child Care

With the school year starting in New Jersey amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the state announced plans to dedicate $250 million in funding from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund, which will provide additional support to children and their families as well as for thousands of child care providers with resources.

For more on COVID-19 Child Care assistance

Click here if you are a RU-N student interested in supporting Newark public school children with remote learning