Housing, Dining & Parking Refunds

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Information on Refunds for Student Housing, Meals and Parking as of March 26, 2020

Dear Students,

The “Stay at Home Order” signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has direct and indirect impacts on Rutgers University. Please be assured that Student Accounting is committed to supporting you as you navigate through the current situation.

In light of the evolving State and universitywide changes related to COVID-19, Student Accounting will take the following steps in the coming weeks:

  • Housing, dining and parking charges will be credited to each eligible student’s account. The refunds will be calculated on a prorated basis beginning on March 23, the first day following Spring Break, and ending on May 16, the required move-out date at the University. We encourage students to set up direct deposit to receive their refunds faster and more securely.
  • Financial holds that block registration will not be placed on student accounts that have past due balances. We sympathize with families and understand the financial hardships that many families are facing during this difficult time, as well as the expectation that students focus on their academic work.

Important Links

We are available to answer any questions or concerns. You can email myRUN at myrun@newark.rutgers.edu or call us at 973-353-1766 ext 1.

Setting up Direct Deposit 

We are strongly encouraging all students to set up direct deposit.

Online Banking Resources

While we cannot endorse any financial institution, here are some potential resources online to assist students: