Setting Up Direct Deposit 

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We are strongly encouraging all students to set up direct deposit.

While we cannot endorse any financial institution, here are some potential resources online to assist students:

Student Employment 

Federal Work Study (FWS)

Following guidance from the Office of Postsecondary Education regarding Federal Work Study (FWS) payments for disaster-affected students, all current FWS students with remaining funding should be paid for their regularly scheduled hours at their regular pay rate through the last day of class for the spring 2020 semester, which is May 4, 2020 Federal Work Study students should be paid whether or not they are actually able to report to work. The Federal Work Study awards are an important part of the overall financial aid package. Students can also strategize with their departmental supervisors to work remotely.

All FWS students should be emailing Office of Financial Aid at with further questions.

Non-Federal Work Study Student Employees

As for non-FWS student employees, Rutgers University-Newark is working hard to minimize adverse impacts on our student employees who are a vital part of the RU-N community.  As such, student employees at Rutgers-Newark should coordinate with their direct supervisors to create an appropriate work assignment and schedule that can be performed remotely until May 4, 2020.  Supervisors are strongly encouraged to work with student employees to accommodate their needs as much as they can by:

  • documenting and sharing work assignments (example: what is to be completed; time frame to complete the work; etc.) that can be completed remotely during the time impacted by the campus operation status
  • avoiding assignment of work that involves accessing student data or confidential information if that work is to be performed using WiFi off campus or non-Rutgers University equipment 
  • creating and implementing a mechanism or method for student employees to track their time (example: calling in the office at the beginning of a work session; etc.)
  • creating and implementing a mechanism or method for reviewing work that has been completed and submitted
  • creating and implementing a method for regularly communicating with student employees via the tools provided by the university (examples: scarletmail; scarletmail tools; Webex; Box; etc.)

Department budgets will be reviewed to ensure that student employees can be paid up until May 4, 2020. All supervisors and student employees should be following the guidance of the university on reporting to campus; we are encouraging most to work remotely.

All non-FWS students should be emailing their director/supervisor with further questions.