Resources to help communities in need

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Donation Drive on Campus

RU-N has established collection boxes at locations on campus where you may drop off items needed urgently by those who can use them. Those locations are as follows

Drop Box Locations

1 Washington Park

Rutgers Business School

Main Lobby

123 Washington Street

Center for Law and Justice

Main Lobby

Items Needed

Kids Families
Diapers Drinking Water/ Bottles
Clothes (male/ female) Female Clothing (Conservative/ nothing tight-fitting)
Baby Bottles Male Clothing
Baby Formula Winter Jackets/ Coats
Pacifiers Gloves
Soccer Balls Feminine Hygiene Items (no tampons)
Toys that don't need instructions Wheelchairs
New Shoes Walkers/ Canes
Pencils/ Crayons Smart Phones
Notebooks Female Scarves
School Supplies  

Support for Afghan Refugees

Tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan who have been evacuated, and more on the way, now face the daunting challenge to rebuild their lives from scratch in new places, including many thousands who already have been arriving in New Jersey

Support for Haitian Disaster Relief 

We likewise feel the impact as, once again, the dual natural disasters of an earthquake and catastrophic weather have devastated Haiti, with thousands of lives lost and many more thousands injured and facing homelessness, the effects of which ripple across the Haitian diaspora, including at Rutgers-Newark

Support for Hurricane Ida Relief

Many members of the Rutgers-Newark family and beyond continue to grapple with devastating impacts from Hurricane Ida.  

Resources for Newark Residents

Federal and State assistance

Other important Resources

Whether you are able to contribute to the relief efforts in these ways or just use your voice to remind others of these needs, we hope you will join with us to show support.