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COVID 19 vaccination and exemption information for Summer & Fall 2023

Welcome to Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N)! We are delighted you have become a member of the RU-N family.  

Our SOAR program consists of Orientation, Advisement, and Registration for all new incoming students. The SOAR program will be administered in 2 parts:  

  1. Pre-SOAR Canvas modules (to be completed prior to your SOAR date).  
  2. An in-person SOAR day which includes orientation workshop sessions as well as Advisement and Registration with your school of enrollment.  

Activate Your Net ID and Upload your photo for your Rutgers ID Card

Before logging in to Canvas, remember to complete the following Enrollment Pathway checklist items. Again, you will need to access Canvas through the myRutgers portal and clicking on the "My Enrollment" widget and clicking on the bottom of the widget to obtain access to the Enrollment Pathway. In the meantime, if you have any questions, email us at

  1. Activate your NetID
  2. Upload your Rutgers Photo ID


  • Prior to your enrollment, you must meet the health and immunization requirements mandated by New Jersey State law and university policies. The requirements are designed to protect your health, and the health of others including fellow students, staff, and clinical patients. 
  • All Rutgers students (new, returning and re-enrolling) are required under University Policy 10.3.14 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have received a medical or religious exemption approved in writing by Rutgers’ Waiver Review Committee or are exempt from the Policy for any of the other reasons listed in the Policy. 
  • All students - including new, returning, transfer, and visiting students - are required to have received the COVID 19 primary vaccination series (two doses) OR the bivarient (one dose) OR have an approved medical or religious exemption. If you are a student enrolled in a clinical discipline, you will also need the appropriate booster when eligible. Students must upload documentation related to the COVID 19 primary vaccination series (two doses) OR the bivarient (one dose) OR the approved medical or religious exemption to the Rutgers Student Immunization portal. Clinical students must also submit documentation of booster dose, when eligible.
  • Students should upload the documentation no later than 7 calendar days after they have submitted their enrollment deposit.
  • Students can find information on process for uploading proof of vaccination/booster or uploading their exemption request at the myRUN COVID 19 Vaccination site.
  • Additional information regarding the vaccination requirement can be found on the university’s COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.
  • All students are encouraged to regularly review the information on the university’s COVID-19 Vaccine webpage
  • Students (new and returning) who are not compliant with the University Policy 10.3.14 will not be permitted to register for Fall 2023 courses.

Complete Pre-SOAR Modules on Canvas

The Pre-SOAR Canvas modules include information and tools designed to prepare you in-person SOAR day. We ask that you review all the content on this site so that you are prepared to make the most of your experience.   

The required modules that must be completed are:  
It is also strongly recommended that you complete the following modules prior to the start of the semester:  

For additional assistance and clarification, please feel free to review our step-by-step instructional video to access your Pre-SOAR Canvas modules via

In-Person SOAR 

You will receive additional email communication at least one week prior to your SOAR date.  The email will include the SOAR schedule, parking information, a reminder to upload your ID picture and other important details.

Need Additional Assistance?

RU-N values the diversity of all its members and strives for complete access and inclusion. For any potential concerns related to access for the reason of disability, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. or to request an accommodation, please contact  


Key Contacts

For questions about Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration (SOAR) Day, please email 


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