Town Hall Meetings - Fall 2021

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Rutgers University-Newark will be holding series of town hall meetings to set up expectations for Fall 2021. Students will be invited to their respective school's town hall meeting via an email through RUN4Success (R4S) or the appropriate school list serve.

Students are encouraged to check their scarletmail email accounts. Students unable to attend on the date and time of town hall will be able to access a recording of the session.  Most sessions will be provided via Webex.

Event Date Time Webex Link

New First Year & Transfer Undergraduate Students Town Hall for Fall 2021

Tues, Aug. 10 6-7pm EST TBA


New Graduate Student (GSN/SCJ/SPAA) Town Hall for Fall 2021

Thurs, Aug. 12 6-7pm EST TBA

School Contacts 


Academic Advisement Offices  Phone Email
Graduate School-Newark, GSN Please email
Law School Student Affairs  Please email
Office of Academic Advising (UG | MPA), SPAA  973-353-3709
Office of Academic Programs, SCJ  Please email
Office of Academic Services, SASN  973-353-5800
Office of MBA Services, RBS-Newark and New Brunswick  See next column > Click here for program details
Office of Undergraduate Academic Programs and Services, RBS-Newark  973-353-5169 Click here for program details